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Seller or buyer?

Broaden your horizons, get in touch with new possible sellers or buyers

Save time avoiding manual tasks

Reduce costs by optimising reesources

Automate repetitive and tiresome chores

Claire is your personal assistant, voice your order!

What's Claire?

Claire is an AI-based software specially built to help companies in the food industry to optimise and manage their resources, generate new clients, and save in operational costs. Claire is offering the businesses of the sector the posibility to integrate in its marketplace, to help them conect with each other, sell and buy their products around the globe in a simple and easy way.

We are releasing a tool that will help you manage your company in an easy and intuitive way, a space where you will be able to make instant transactions from your computer or mobile device, and automate tasks. This will allow you to speed up your business processes and make them more profitable. All this is possible thanks to Claire's advanced technology, that creates a safe space for its users helping them to achieve efficacy in every-day work.

In this project, Claire brings together leading companies of the food industry sector from all over the world, with the aim of understanding and cover the needs of all the agents involved in the buy and sell process. In this way, Claire is helping the food sector to evolve, reducing the entry barriers of business to trading locally and internationally.

In addition, Claire offers you the possibility of acquiring a license that will enable you to manage and automate your company internally. This will allow you to obtain great cost savings and increase the productivity of your business.

For whom?

  • Create your catalog: define, digitize and display your product catalog in an attractive and orderly way.
  • Offer your products in the marketplace and make them visible to the world in real time.
  • Create independent negotiations with your clients and manage your transactions. You will easily see what state a transaction is in and manage it correctly.
  • Manage your prices and promotions intelligently.
  • Generate new business opportunities.
  • Optimize and automate your sales processes.
  • View daily and monthly information about your own business. Keep yourself informed.
  • Receive price recommendations based on information extracted from updated data.
  • Manage and monitor your purchases, keep up to date with the status of all your transactions. All in one platform!
  • Browse and find the products you were looking for. Claire's content is being updated constantly.
  • Broaden your horizons: find new sellers and products from different parts of the world.
  • Optimize your orders by automating purchases and processes. This will help you to reduce the time spent and allow your business to make progress.
  • Control your expenses and measure your daily, monthly and annual benefits, in a visual way. Understand your business better and optimize whatever is necessary.
  • Gain direct access to the source of the demanded product.

Benefits of using Claire

Open your business to the global market. Connect and communicate immediately with an extensive international business network.

Get an overview of your own business and the surrounding market. Make informed decisions.

Negotiate actively and safely. All our users have been verified and our products updated.

Get, in a few clicks, your new online store —view real photos of the products, see their details (size, quality, origin), visit the seller's profile and see their certificates, number of sales made, etc.

Claire guarantees the payment through an escrow account if you don't know your client.


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