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User guidesHow to create my catalog?

Go to "Your catalog" – at the top of the screen or click here ( to access it directly.

Click on the "+" button to add a new product.

Fill out the info of the product thoroughly, you only have to do this once. The more information you add, the more information the potential buyer has about that product, avoiding doubts and questions. In the image below we propose an example:

Fill the product info

Double-check crucial info that could mislead a buyer:

  • Include a good description, add here the information that you would like to clarify or that the buyer would take into account.
  • Check the checkboxes that apply to your product:
    • "In stock": check this box so that your product appears as "In stock" on the product wall and other users can buy it.
    • "On demand": check this box if you prepare this product on demand.
    • "Best deal": check this box if you are putting up an offer, or a reduced product that you need to sell fast.
    • "Ecologic product": check this box if your product is ecologic.
    • "Is frozen": check this box if your product is frozen and add a frozen date.
  • A good categorization is important so that the product can be easily found.
  • Price: take into account the units - euro per kilogram of product (€ / Kg).
  • Minimum-maximum quantity in kilograms: the minimum you sell and the maximum you sell, keep in mind that this is a B2B market. If you establish limits, buyers can only ask you for quantities that are within those limits. These fields are optional to fill, if left blank there would be no limits. For example, in the image above, the seller establishes the minimum quantity that he sells at 800 Kg, but he does not establish a maximum quantity (blank), so they may request the quantity that is above 800 Kg.
  • The minimum unit weight is the weight of the units your product comes in. In the example, the product comes in boxes of 4 Kg and the minimum units sold are 200 boxes (200 boxes x 4 kg / box = 800 Kg minimum).
  • Set Incoterm: This field is optional. If you select a particular Incoterm this will not be negotiable for the buyer, they will only be able to buy in that selected Incoterm. If a specific one is not chosen, you can negotiate it with the buyer.

Once you're happy click on "Save".

A dialog box like the one below will appear, now you can upload images and PDFs by clicking the "+" sign or dropping them in the box.

Upload images and PDFs

Upload the best pictures you can find (please note: the maximum size of the pictures is 15MB, as bigger sizes do not improve the image's visual quality). This is your online marketing campaign; a picture is worth a thousand words! You can also add a PDF with the technical information of the product.

Whenever you don't have the product in stock anymore there is no need to delete it, just mark it as "Out of stock" until you have it again to offer. Go to Your catalog > click on the product's "EDIT" > switch it to "Out of stock" at the top of the product editor.

Product out of stock