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User guidesHow can I upload my catalog in batch?

Claire now has a way to upload a new catalog or multiple modifications to your existing catalog at once.

Go to YOUR CATALOG page, on the top right corner of the screen you will find an “Export Catalog” button . If you already have uploaded products to the platform, you will get an export of your current catalog (with an option to include images).


If your catalog is empty, you will have the option to download a CSV or Excel template that you will fill up with the information from your catalog.

Edit the template, here you will find a description of all its fields and their possible values
Field name Description Values
is_active If is active or not Boolean type: yes, no
is_donation If is a donation or not Boolean type: yes, no
reference Product reference num. in your company's catalog. Please note that must be UNIQUE in your catalog Text, ex: ref1234
name Name of the product Text, ex: My product name
category Category code of the product Category code, ex: fish_pelagic, meat_duck_breast_fillets, vegetables_onions... You can find your category code using this utility
description Description of the product Text, ex: My product description
taric_code TARIC CODE (optional) Text 3432466
origin_country_code Country code of the origin Country code ex: ES, FR, IT... You can find your code in this utility
unit Unit in which it is measured Unit types: weight, volume or piece
item Type of item in which it is sold Item types: bulk, units, boxes, packs, polyblocks, bottles, barrels, cans, jars, bags, meshes, sacks, trays, tetra bricks or cages
item_quantity Quantity of units in one item, if is bulk the item_quantity value must be 1 Numeric: 1, 2, 3...
item_price Price of the item being sold, if is bulk this field must have the same value of price Numeric: 10.34, 4.50, 40...
price Price of the unit being sold, if is not bulk the price must be item_price * item_quantity Numeric: 10.34, 4.50, 40...
item_min Min units to be sold in one transaction Numeric: 1, 2, 3...
item_max Max units to be sold in one transaction (optional) Numeric: 1, 2, 3...
package_items That way you are indicating the buyer that they will only be allowed to ask for multiples of that quantity. (optional) Numeric: 1, 2, 3...
incoterm Transport term code. (optional) Incoterm code: EXW, FCA, FAS .... You can find your code in this utility
incoterm_country_code Country for the transport terms. (optional) Country code ex: ES, FR, IT... You can find your code in this utility
incoterm_zip_code Zip code for the transport terms. (optional) Zip code ex: 28001, 28009, 28039...
incoterm_city City for the transport terms. (optional) Text ex: Madrid, Barcelona, Paris...
on_demand Whether the price is on demand. Boolean type: yes, no
is_bestdeal Whether selling to the best deal. Boolean type: yes, no
is_frozen Whether the product is frozen. Boolean type: yes, no
frozen_date Date the product was frozen. Date in format yyyy-mm-dd ex: 2020-10-12
is_eco Whether the product is eco. Boolean type: yes, no
is_halal Whether the product is halal. Boolean type: yes, no
is_kosher Whether the product is kosher. Boolean type: yes, no
is_gourmet Whether the product is gourmet. Boolean type: yes, no
gluten_free Whether the product is gluten free. Boolean type: yes, no
is_whitelabel Whether the product is white label. Boolean type: yes, no
is_coop Whether the product is coop. It will only be considered if you have a Cooperative profile Boolean type: yes, no
sale_individual Whether the product is selling to individuals. Boolean type: yes, no
registry_id Sanitary registration number. Text or number
national_transport_price Price of the transport. (optional) Numeric: 10.34, 4.50, 40...
healthcert_countries List of countries with health certificate. (optional) Comma separated country codes ex: CN,EU,US,HK TW,KR,EU,GB,JP,DE,CN,PY ES ... You can find your code in this utility

Once you are done including or modifying the information from your catalog, click on “Import data to your catalog” button .

Choose the file you want to upload. The file formats supported are CSV and XSLX, and zip (if you are uploading a folder with the catalog information and images).

*Please note that the zip file should have the following structure: a CSV or XSLX file containing the catalog information and a set of folders (one per product reference) named by the product reference, containing the images you would like to upload per product.


Once the file has been processed, you will see a preview of the number of products and images detected by the system. You have the option to upload all these products as out of stock by ticking the checkbox.


Check out the information and if it is what you expected click on “Upload products”. Once they have been uploaded, a blue box will appear containing the date and time of the upload. As this process can be timely, you will also receive an email confirmation once the upload has been completed.